Szanowni Państwo, drodzy Parafianie.

W świetle proponowanych działań Rządu, takich jak na przykład częściowe otwarcie szkół, obecne otwarcie sklepów ogrodniczych i DIY, otwarcie pośrednictwa mieszkaniowego itd, ale niestety nie uwzględniających potrzeb religijnych społeczeństwa, idąc za radą zwierzchników,  zaapelujmy do naszych lokalnych członków parlamentu, jak też do Rt Hon Roberta Jenricka MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government w House of Commons, o wsparcie naszych próśb o otwarcie kościołówna modlitwę indywidualną już od 1 czerwca 2020.

Poniżej załączam do użytku napisany przez siebie wzór listu. Jeśli nie chcą Państwo pisać własnego, proszę z niego skorzystać.

List należy wysłać do:
Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP,
Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

oraz do lokalnego MP w zależności od tego gdzie Państwo mieszkają.

Leeds ma 8 okręgów wyborczych. W zależności od okręgu piszemy do:
Elmet and Rothwell Alec Shelbrooke MP –
Leeds North West; Alex Sobel MP –
Leeds Central; Hilary Ben MP –
Leeds West; Rachel Reeves MP –
Leeds East; Richard Burgon MP –
Morley and Outwood; Andres Jenkyns MP –
Leeds North East; Fabian Hamilton MP –
Pudsey Stuart Andrew MP –


17th May, 2020


In light of the Government’s current policy of easing the lockdown restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as: allowing estate agents to carry out viewings of their properties, the reopening of DIY stores and garden centres, and the part reopening of schools for reception, and years 1 & 6 aged children; we would like to propose the limited reopening of places of worship for private prayers.

In these unprecedented times where daily life has been disrupted, many may seek comfort in their respective faiths and wish to travel to their local places of worship whether that be a Church, a Mosque, a Synagogue, or any other such place to practice their religions. It is a certainty that the lockdown has had an adverse effect on the mental wellbeing of many, and those of religious beliefs, such as myself, have repeatedly professed that our spiritual health has a net positive effect on our mental health. In addition, visiting these places of worship may help many feel they are still connected to their communities, despite the lockdown.

We understand that if religious services resumed as normal it may cause the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to increase, hence why we are suggesting that these places of worship should only open to the public for private pray, and to enforce social distancing measures where ever possible, such as limiting the number of people inside at one time, 2m distance between worshipers at all times, and clearly marked queues outside, like those currently being implemented by supermarkets.

Furthermore, in Poland, a deeply religious country, where lockdown restrictions have been much stricter than those in those in the UK, the government there still allowed people to go to places of worship for private pray, yet their total number of people infected is less than one-tenth of the total cases here.

In closing, we thank you for reading this letter and we hope you will support this proposal if it is presented to Parliament.

Yours Sincerely,